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Judy Rona owner of Ajay Business Services


95% of all businesses we've met with can save money and reduce their workload by subscribing to our services with fees you can afford!

Our Ajay Staff...

Our staff understands your business accounting needs. It's our business to set-up systems and procedures to help you get things done.

We can do all of the work for you or, if you prefer, we'll train your staff to do the work and provide on-going support. All of our services can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or quarterly.

Our Services

invoicing, accounts receivable payroll processing accounts payable

Invoicing/Accounts Receivable

Preparation and mailing of customer invoices, sales tax returns, and statistical information by customer. Aging reports, preparation of month-end statements. Direct deposit available.

Payroll Processing & Support

Check preparation and after the fact payroll calculations. Tax deposit preparation & transmission. All quarterly tax returns, W-2 and year-end tax returns. Direct deposit available.

Accounts Payable

Bill paying, aging reports, supplier listing and year-to-date purchases, payment scheduling and statistics by supplier.
financial statements inventory inventory records and stock on hand reports

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet and Income Statement with all supporting documentation. See a sample Income Statement.

Cost Accounting

Whether you have one project or hundreds, we can help you track and stay within budget weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Maintaining inventory records, stock on hand reports and product sales statistics.

"Can not say enough positive things about Ajay Business Services! I own not one, but 2 small businesses and I could not do the parts of my job that I LOVE if Judy & Julie didn't help me with the rest! Everything is handled in such a well organized method they make it so even a non-numbers oriented person understands!"
Shannon Komsky
Little Capers - Los Angeles, CA
Tough Cookies - Sherman Oaks, CA